Canbex Therapeutics Ltd

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Dr Jesse Schulman
Chief Executive Officer 
Dr Keith Powell

Cell Medica United Kingdom

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Mr Gregg Sando
CEO & Founder 

Clinical Network Services (UK)

Clinical Network Services (CNS) offers a full and integrated drug development consultancy to small – medium sized Biotech companies from inception through to end of phase II clinical trial programs. CNS offers a unique service that brings together BioDesk; an intelligent product development and regulatory planning service, with our highly experienced regional clinical operations and data management teams.

Paul Cronin
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Crescendo Biologics

Crescendo has developed a unique transgenic mouse which generates fully human VH single domain antibody fragments in the absence of contaminating murine light chains.

VH are the smallest, most robust antibody fragments with advantages for engineering of bispecific and multivalent products, tissue and tumour penetration, topical delivery and simple manufacture.  

Crescendo is applying the platform to a pipeline focused on inflammation and oncology, and topical delivery.

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Dr Matthew Roe
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